audio dregs

Audio Dregs vinyl blowout sale

audio dregs

Portland label extraordinaire Audio Dregs is having a huge vinyl sale – 10 records for $50! From the website –

“We’re having a massive vinyl blowout sale for the next couple weeks (or until things run out): everything on vinyl that’s still in print must go and I am putting as much extra goodies in the box as I can fit.
10 LPs, + 2 DVDs, +2 zines, + stickers, + free shipping! $49.99!

this includes

  • Copy – Hair Guitar LP
  • Copy – Hard Dream LP
  • Copy – Mobius Beard LP
  • E*Rock – The Clock & The Mountain LP
  • Global Goon – Family Glue LP
  • Strategy – Drumsolo’s Delight LP
  • FS Blumm – Lichten LP
  • Panther – Secret Lawns LP
  • Bobby Birdman – New Moods LP

Audio Dregs has been consistently on the forefront of experimental beat shaping & has been molding the sound of modern electronica in real-time since its inception, although that bland genre classification falls woefully short of explaining anything. For a measly $50 though you can get a primer on not only a great label but get an early peek on a sound and space your grandchildren will be taking drugs to.