curd lake

FH025 Foton – Omega

foton, omega, cassette, field hymns, synth

RIYL: early synthesis, library music, the inside of your eyelids on a sunny day

Omega is the soundtrack of a journey to the farthest reaches of the universe, circa 1971. Seemingly stationary and forever trapped on this silver needle hurtling towards the edge of time, all we have left is this inner-space in which we wander the halls of our recollections, recollections which are warping and corroding due to constant scrutiny and frantic tedium – the madness comes and goes but when leaving, even for a brief respite, a little piece of our defense goes as well, never to return and with no other to take its place…

Foton of Russia also goes by the moniker Curd Lake Творожное озеро


Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download card

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1.  Подъемник на Омегу – The Way To Omega
2. Здесь была рубиновая поляна – There was the Ruby Glade
3. Долина змей – Snakes Valley
4. Мираж – Mirage
5. Склон 7Ф – Slope 7F
6. Открытый космос – In the Open Space