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FH080 Oxykitten – Attack of the Koala People *
FH079 Lips and Ribs – Battle in Nagoya
FH078 Larry Wish – How More Can You Need?
FH077 Oxykitten – Gleeking the Cube
FH076 Ancient Ocean – Neró: A Collection of Works 2010-2016
FH75.5 Boron – The Better Of *
FH075 Megabreth – Ultra High Noise
FH074 Bolabit
FH073 Cops
FH072 Lips and Ribs – Males in Harmony
FH070/071 Sciencevision / Slim Fortune
FH069 Curved Light – Vast and Infinite
FH068 Paco Sala – The Silent Season
FH067 Yves Malone – Death House 4
FH066 Manville Heights
FH065 Snakes of Pennsylvania
FH064 Yves Malone – Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life
FH063 Garde Forestier
FH062 Kane Pour – Vision Crayon
FH061 Urthsla – Wansee
FH060 Field Hymns 5 Year Anniversary Comp – Half A Decade of Chrome
FH059 Spectrum Control – Hunters At Cyber Dawn
FH058 Three Fourths Tigers – Indoor Voice
FH057 Andreas Brandal – Murmurs and Echoes
FH056 Ak’chamel The Giver of Illness – The Man Who Drank God
FH055 The Snowfields – How To Get Good Sound From A Dead Ear
FH054 Millions – Line In The Sky
FH053 Brainchai/Ilkae – Athena
FH052 Grapefruit – Some New-Age Bullshit
FH051 Go No Go For Launch – Re-entry
FH050 Sad Horse – Purple On Purple Makes Purple
FH049 Strategy – Cerebral Hut AKA Off The Grid
FH048 Portopia ’81 – Stardust Memory
FH047 Conrad Wedde – Space World
FH046 Yves Malone – Zenith City
FH045 Yves Malone – The ECHO People
FH044 Yves Malone – Abysscoteque
FH043 German Army – Tassili Plateau
FH042 Scammers – Cover You
FH041 Cane Swords – Temple Swords
FH040 Black Unicorn – Traced Landscapes
FH039 Mattress – Fuck The Future
FH038 Oxykitten – Escape From New Amsterdam
FH037 Lazercrotch – Gemini Air Systems
FH036 Giant Claw – Impossible Chew
FH035 PLVS VLTRA – Yo-Yo Blue
FH034 Cremator – Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
FH033 Black Hat – Covalence
FH032 Regular Music – Ruins
FH031 The Cats’ Orchestra – No Keys
FH030 Nodolby – Aftermath/Inception
FH029 Bastian Void – Fluorescent Bells
FH028.5 Boron – The Beige Album *
FH028 Jonathan James Carr – Well Tempered Ignorance
FH027 Andreas Brandal – Staying Is Nowhere
FH026 Charlatan Meets The North Sea
FH025 Foton – Omega
FH024 Oxykitten – Octagonal Wax
FH023 Grapefruit
FH022 Adderall Canyonly & Oxykitten – The Cutting Room
FH021 Detainee – Vital Organs
FH020 Susurrus
FH019 Garth Steel Klippert – Korgoleum *
FH018 Eyes – A Candle in the Crown of the Dawn
FH017 Zac Nelson – Towards Your Own Worlds
FH016 Mattress – Lonely Souls
FH015 White Glove
FH014 Oxykitten – The Streets Were Paved With Circuit Boards
FH013 Boron – Aria Statica
FH012 Adderall Canyonly – Asuuna
FH011 Adderall Canyonly – It Was A Dark And Stoney Night
FH010 Yes, Father
FH009 Hammer of Hathor – Vroom-Psycho
FH008 Boron – Descrresscenndo
FH007 Adderall Canyonly -The Ascension of St. Diamond
FH006 Garth Steel Klippert – Music for Taxicabs
FH005 Oxykitten – Toucht
FH004 Adderall Canyonly – Fists of Dayton!
FH003 Oxykitten – Unfluential
FH002 Mike Coykendall – The Unbearable Being of Likeness
FH001 Chores – Public Hammock

All cassettes are pro-dubbed, hand-assembled, custom printed, and serialized editions with download codes.

* digital only