hammer of hathor, vroom-psycho

RIYL: tribal ritual, molten strings & skull drones

Vroom-Psycho takes the analog wave form and bakes it over a cassette fire, toasting and turning, re-forging and returning. These five tracks of tape machine loops, sax, guitar and drums explore the gray area between minimalism and provocation. Mark E. Kaylor and Heather Vergotis, under the guise of Hammer of Hathor, have been involved in a number of projects such as Au, CexFucx, Evolutionary Jass Band, Thee Oregon Artificial Limb Co, Rubella, Kinetic Harpoon and many others. An excellent album not for the weak of constitution.

Released on 100 cassettes w/ digital download

Mt. Tabor

sold out

Hammer of Hathor Vroom-Psycho

1. Mt. Tabor
2. Alice & John
3. Air Pain
4. Invincible Armour
5. For Guylene