Late Summer News

Where does the time go, really? I’ll be damned if I know. If I could save time it a bottle I’d probably drink that too but I digress…

We have now reached outside of the US – today we are excited to announce that we have distribution in Japan via the excellent S.O.L Sound – give them some love, for they are a hella ace shop.  Are you a European shop looking for some chrome sonic bombast? Hit us up. Time to hit the other side of the pond!

We had an excellent article written about a tape trade we did a while back over at Amour & Discipline and a whole host of others you can find by scrolling through here. All and all it’s been quite a summer run – the fall releases are going to rip your ears off and deposit them softly into fur lined reliquaries with albums by Brad Rose (Charlatan & The North Sea), Andreas Brandal, Jonathan James Carr (Brainfuit & Particle Being ensemble) Bastion Void, Nodolby, The Cats’ Orchestra, Boron and Portland’s own experimental synth super group Regular Music. And that’s just what we have at the plant – we have had assurances of releases to come by Panabrite, Lunar Miasma, Giant Claw, Mattress, Garth Steel Klippert, Cane Swords and Black Unicorn.  So it’s a good time to be us.

Thanks for all the terrific support and keep being awesome…

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