FH054 Millions – Line In The Sky

RIYL: experimental ambient drone, a omni-present feeling of lurking danger David Suss (Millions) uses Thomas Pynchon’s “Against The Day” as inspiration for this 4 track suite. Eschewing the traditional post-rock build-up, he kicks off this broad, tense piece with a[…]

FH052 Grapefruit – Some New-Age Bullshit

RIYL: Tangerine Dream scoring a Ken Burns documentary Back for his sophomore release for Field Hymns, Charlie Salas-Humara (Panther/The Planet The/Sun Angle) doubles down on the Krautrock spiritual tribalism that made the first album so captivating and pushes the project[…]

go no go for launch

FH051 Go No Go For Launch – Re-Entry

RIYL: inspirational zinger music from the Live at 5 Action News Team I first heard this album in 2006 when Randall Taylor (Graveyard Orbit) sent a demo to a label I was working for. I can honestly say that when[…]

FH049 Strategy – Cerebral Hut AKA Off The Grid

RIYL: Table top electronics, the plulsing of liquid circuits, sleepover party with the Daleks Strategy is not generally known for his ambient work, but the genre provides a window to the many disparate influences marking his talent. This skill-set is[…]

FH050 Sad Horse – Purple On Purple Makes Purple

RIYL: early Pavement, Pussy Galore, a controlled sense of fuckall & abandon On this Cassette Store Day 2014, it brings us great fucking pleasure to release on tape for the first time a favorite record of ours and hopefully a[…]

FH048 Portopia ’81 – Stardust Memory

RIYL: library music, swinging organ, the warm smell of tubes and cigarette smoke The project Portopia ’81 is named after an expo in Kobe from that year but its heart is more bound to 1961. Mizuhiro’s vision of a space-bound[…]

FH047 Conrad Wedde – Space World

RIYL: Subtropical meridians, Peter Gabriel’s better moods, a nice stoned dawn Recorded in a small room in Dunedin, New Zealand, SPACE WORLD encompasses the breadth of the southern hemisphere in its brief span of 27 minutes. The texture of bamboo[…]

german army, tassili plateau

FH043 German Army – Tassili Plateau

RIYL: Cabaret Voltaire, Psychic TV, sacred geology, Chariots of the Gods, autochthonous audiology Enigmatic California duo German Army creates often-portentous music illuminated by fading cultural voices and barren, shifting lands. Following a dizzying array of tapes, CDs and LPs in[…]

FH042 Scammers – Cover you

RIYL: The Juan MacLean, Soft Cell, David Bowie, Hot Chip, The Presets, Scott Walker Scammers is the man who puts ice to your your chest after a five hour rave. Scammers is the man who fills your coffee order at[…]

black unicorn

FH040 Black Unicorn – Traced Landscapes

RIYL: Tangerine Dream, Daphne Oram, Cluster, Kosmische, Radiophonic Workshop Traced Landscapes is the law of correspondence seen from the rear view mirror of a departing space shuttle. A record of the parallel grown between macroscopic and microscopic in the basic[…]

cane swords

FH041 Cane Swords – Temple Swords

RIYL: Morton Subotnick, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Golden Retriever, Caboladies Akron, Ohio synthesists Cane Swords return to ultra-terrestrial form with an analog odyssey of planetary drift and tindered timbre to fuel interstellar craft seeking deep space revelation. Washes of infinite blue[…]

mattress, rex marshall, fuck the future, portland, cassette, oregon

FH039 Mattress – Fuck The Future

RIYL: Nick Cave, Suicide, Dirty Beaches Portland Oregon’s reigning king of white-velvet doom returns with a sixer of vile yearnings and throbbing confessions. Gritty analog drum machines and flabby baselines drenched in reverb fill holes in the body formally filled[…]

oxykitten, escape from new amsterdam, cassette, portland, oregon

FH038 Oxykitten – Escape From New Amsterdam

RIYL: Dr. Octagon, Add N To X, minimal synth Slow, dark and brooding are the streets in New Amsterdam – gangs run everything, law is dead, people are terrified and the awful heat of summer will not abate in this[…]

FH037 Lazercrotch – Gemini Air Systems

RIYL: dancing robot Prince clones, Flogsta Dancehall, chiptune sex tapes Field Hymns’ first proper skweee release, Gemini Air Systems is a swanky sexpot in a velvet analog robe billowing funk like an angry love cyclone. Somewhere in the distance, in[…]

FH036 Giant Claw – Impossible Chew

RIYL: b-roll stinger music from the depths of heck, a video game induced panic attack The sunrise dawns over an earlier Miami, black-purple turning to pink then to yellow-white as flamingos stretch and go about their morning, poking around the[…]

plvs vltra, yo-yo blue, toko yasuda

FH035 PLVS VLTRA – Yo-Yo Blue

RIYL: Alog, Bjork, Brigitte Fontaine, The Focus Group Rippling like a thumbed-through flip book of vaporous, hazy memories or maybe like a box of old photos left to the devices of the wind, Yo-Yo Blue feels like a curated tour[…]

cremator, alpha ralpha boulevard

FH034 Cremator – Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

RIYL: Heldon, Tonto’s Expanding Head Band, John Carpenter Cremator’s new album title comes from a tale about a sudden, radical shift from a controlling, benevolent, and sterile society to one of individuality and danger ruled by an elite group called[…]

black hat, covalence, nelson bean, seattle

FH033 Black Hat – Covalence

RIYL: Tim Hecker, Mouse on Mars, Loscil The voices of futures past howl through PNG files of grass and waterfalls – thumping and thrumming, bumping and humming – but always subservient to the pulse. It’s a very pleasant factory where[…]

oxykitten fugue state

Oxykitten – Fugue State

Not technically a Field Hymns release but an offering from Oxykitten: “Fugue State is a collection of 4 and 8 track tape recordings from Oxykitten’s past. Previously floating around as the spirits of albums never requited, these killer but odd[…]

regular music, portland, oregon, copy, *e rock, grapefruit

FH031/032 – The Cats’ Orchestra / Regular Music split

THE CATS’ ORCHESTRA – NO KEYS RIYL: Fonal Records, Kluster, early Kraftwerk + a touch of biscuit It’s just a normal night for The Cats’ Orchestra…somewhere else. The little factories hum, tiny drunks stumble home, miniature drive-ins play wee adventure[…]