Andreas Brandal Murmurs and Whispers

RIYL: late-era Talk Talk jamming with Calexico, the unfulfilled life that flickers on the eyelids at night

Weary, cold, and alone but not dead, we soldier on under the half-light to some place on the horizon, anyplace really, as the sky and ground remain unbroken, seemingly forever. It has been a real pleasure watching Andreas Brandal evolve from his early roots in experimental noise & drone to this current incarnation as a post-indie/post-rock chamber orchestra Hemingway: Murmurs and Echoes sounds like a Western set on an ice field at the nadir of winter.

Andreas Brandal lives in Bergen, Norway.

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1. Restoring Darkness 3:58
2. The Factories Divine 5:05
3. Undertone of Rivers 4:20
4. Within Ashes and Filth 7:34
5. The Day Erased 4:37
6. The Burial Clouds 5:00
7. A New Moon 6:39
8. Murmurs and Echoes 4:54


RIYL: generally friendly cult acolytes, Popul Vuh heard through a shortwave radio 

A local Cthulhu cult, maybe American Southwest. Their campfires are dim against the black, pinprick sky, the void which their voices yearn to command, yet also from which their greatest fears come: the only thing worse than being ignored, conversely, is being heard. As their scrap instruments beat out tattoos, ever so faintly something shifts in the blackness, relaxes, and then resumes its slumber. But not for very much longer. The crack, once it begins, can only lead to release.

Ak’chamel the Giver of Illness is from somewhere in Texas

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

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1 I Take Nothing 2:48
2 Rainmaking 2:45
3 Song Of Serpents 2:45
4 Kume Piuke 2:47
5 The Curse Of Illness 2:40
6 Creation 1:10
7 Jaguar And The Basket 1:56
8 Nam Nogwaw 1:33
9 Drink This, My Son 3:16
10 Hungry Ghosts 2:22
11 Tlaloc, Ful Of Sores 4:22
12 Alone In Death 2:37


RIYL: postrock electronica with a whiff of 70’s Constellation aftershave 

The first Snowfields album in 7 years is a sublime affair, sounding like a missing album from Julian Cope’s Krautrock Sampler or Obscured By Clouds/More-era Pink Floyd hitting the Serengetti on a shit-ton of mushrooms for some hazy concert for no one, but getting lost on a beer run. Spacy, complentative instrumentals with big, gooey blobs of pathos.

The Snowfields is from Iowa City, IA

*orders come with a CD of the debut album at no extra charge

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

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1. Daggerhead 2:16
2. Inner Peace Had Jass Hands 3:57
3. Aqwi 5:49
4. Diet Rainbow 4:38
5. Turn Me Over 1:51
6. Two Tone Emergency 5:12
7. Golden Twilight 7:01
8. Smitten With Blindness 6:17


RIYL: cyberpunk geriatric sex scenes, the soundtrack of the burning of a slot car race track

The second split ever from Field Hymns brings the crackling 8-bit EDM of Eirik Suhrke (Brainchai) and Montreal’s Aaron Munson (Ilkae) to the shores of tape mountain. Brainchai sounds like a cross between James Brown’s washing machine full of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s silk underwear and a drum machine achieving sentience. Over on side B, Illkae provides burners that roll across the magnetic landscape on a diet of cool electricity and Pac Mac vitamins towards dark siesta of the soul. We need to do this split shit more often.

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

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1 Satan’s Womb Incarnate
2 Dead Princess
3 Sensory Fog
4 Setroyed
5 Athena

1 Oneirogen
2 Burner of Ships
3 Owl


RIYL: experimental ambient drone, a omni-present feeling of lurking danger

David Suss (Millions) uses Thomas Pynchon’s “Against The Day” as inspiration for this 4 track suite. Eschewing the traditional post-rock build-up, he kicks off this broad, tense piece with a long, chesty blast of total noise before settling down and coasting into a existentially dreary but dreamy bliss for the rest of the album, especially about the time the EVI solo comes ‘round. Dissonance, meet cognitive dissonance.

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

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1 Trespassers
2 Bilocation
3 Prismatic
4 Line in the Sky


RIYL: Tangerine Dream scoring a Ken Burns documentary

Back for his sophomore release for Field Hymns, Charlie Salas-Humara (Panther/The Planet The/Sun Angle) doubles down on the Krautrock spiritual tribalism that made the first album so captivating and pushes the project deep into overdrive – it’s like Bitches Brew for the hippies.

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

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1 Saucerful of Semantics
2 Red Shifted
3 Event Horizon
4 Holographic Universe
5 Mind At Large
6 Light Cones
7 Hawking Radiation
8 Drift
9 Night Cult

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RIYL: inspirational zinger music from the Live at 5 Action News Team

I first heard this album in 2006 when Randall Taylor (Graveyard Orbit) sent a demo to a label I was working for. I can honestly say that when this was rejected it planted the first seeds of Field Hymns in my mind – there had to be a place where music like this could exist AND be heard. Almost a decade later we are fully and totally stoked to right that injustice – one of our favorite albums ever and potentially one of yours.

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

sold out

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1 Nasa Channel Party. My House, Be There!
2 Defragment My Harddrive
3 I Wanna Be McGuyver
4 Robocalypse
5 Lona Misa
6 Make It So (Kirk The Intergalactic Pimp)
7 Mo, Mike, & The Agro Crag
9 Minka Bink (The Chex Remix)