Field Hymns 3-Pack super deal

Let’s clean up the shelves, shall we? We have limited numbers of our Yves Malone Cassette Store Day 2016 release Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, the Manville Heights s/t, and Yves Malone’s Death House 4. Get these three tapes for $16 shipped (US only please). Offer is good until we are out!

Price: $16.00


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Here’s to 2014, a super great year


Field Hymns 2014

Thanks to Scott Scholz for snapping this pic


Thanks to all who made the 2014 for us the best ever: we made a list here, a list there, and over here, and in the meantime sent out into the world many kickass, brilliant, and well-regarded albums for present and future adoration. But of course we could not do it without all of you, the fans & patrons who make moving forward possible. We tip our hats (and our drinks) in your general direction and can’t wait to show you what we’ve lined up for next year. Take a victory lap y’all – you deserve it for being the raddest.

spring break tapes

Spring Break Tapes

spring break tapes

I have been meaning to drop a line about Spring Break Tapes  ever since I got this wonderful mixtape package you see above – Greetings From Spring Break Tapes Vol. 1.  When I get back home I’ll update this with a real pic but that’s good enough for now.  But what does it sound like you might ask? Why the hubbub? In response all I can say is that this tape is in constant rotation at home – which is funny because the tape notes start “Greetings is an instrumental hip hop mixtape that is bound to get worn out in your tape deck this Summer” – well ain’t that the truth. I am a hack and have no idea who these dj’s are but I would be interested in hearing more from each and every one of them. Does that happen to me often? No. In the meantime I will be waiting around for SBT Vol. 2 like a Labrador Retriever with a full bladder.

This is top-down, rolling slow, hazy sunset light-buzz music. These tapes won’t last forever folks – get on it.

spring break tapes

This upcoming tape (which I am going to buy as quick as my little fingers can get it, once it hits the physical world) is from Ali Helnwein, a composer, conductor and founder of the Traction Avenue Chamber Orchestra in Los Angeles. These instrumental pieces sound to me like a cross between Morricone and Tom Waits Swordfish Trombone era with some of that pizzicato-d Mothersbaugh chamber music feel that’s so popular these days. Real beautiful stuff from a fellow who will be on the lips of many very soon.

I have a weakness for eclectic labels – be sure and check out the Don Cash and and Junior Pande albums. Now go give Spring Break Tapes some love – they have great ears and a real bright future.

spring break tapes facebook

spring break tapes

Decoder Nails It

While I am getting caught up on all these unfinished posts about the great music I have been listening too I’d like to share a good article I read today on the always informative Decoder Mag site ( and super pumped about the physical issue that’s coming out this summer ). It’s a response to an  article on Weed Temple ( which I also adore ) that comments upon the merits vs. hipster value of the cassette “revival” over at  Pop Matters.  that started innocently enough with a question about ripping tapes. Hyperlink galore, I know. Regardless, fascinating. Anyhow here is the Decoder post – enjoy!