boron stop faking sense front cover

PORTLAND, OREGON, NOV. 14, 2011 – What is purported to be the front sleeve art for the forthcoming album “Stop Faking Sense” by the Portland musician Boron has been submitted to the label. In a staunch show of support for the eccentric electronic artist, the lable Field Hymns has decided to make the art public.

The release of the artwork also comes with a quote from the artist himself, who rarely gives interviews or speaks publicly. “People don’t fuckin’ buy fuckin’ physical fuckin’ albums anymore anyfuckin’way, so who gives a flying fuck what the fuckin’ sleeve looks like? How many fuckin’ more fuckin’ bad albums with great fuckin’ graphic fuckin’ design to we have to fuckin’ witness before people fuckin’ learn to stop fuckin’ associating a nice fuckin’ sleeve with the fuckin’ music? Fuckin’ mp3s…upload that shit on my Twitter.”

Although the artist’s views are likely to erode his small by loyal fanbase–and inspire the ire of critics–Boron continued his semi-rant by insisting on the role of sleeve art to capture attention and entertain, rather than to edify and reinforce musical credibility: “Radiohead. Great. Fuckin’ band. But “Pablo Honey”? Have you fuckin’ looked? At that fuckin’ sleeve lately? Come on!”