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FH010 Yes, Father

Yes, Father

yes, father

RIYL: The sound of your employees about to mutiny, snowdays

Yes, Father is a trio of miscreants and skate freaks from Portland, Oregon and 2/3’s of Klezmer band Shicky Gnarowitz. They sing about the joys of WiteOut, rollerblading, cocaine and managerial disrespect. Yes, Father is also totally awesome. Also see White Glove

Yes, Father is Tim, David, and Phil of Portland, OR

Released on 100 cassettes w/ digital download

sold out


1. Manager
2. White Out
3. Pretty Please
4. Opera
5. Nose Candy
6. The Tripper
7. Roller Blading Into The Night
8. Car Alarm
9. Oh
10. Cell Phone
11. Headache