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FH011 Adderall Canyonly – It Was A Dark And Stoney Night

Adderall Canyonly It Was A Dark And Stoney Night

it was a dark and stoney night

RIYL: Spastic genre hopscotch & full-frontal freakouts

It Was A Dark And Stoney Night┬áis taken from two years of musical meanderings of analog synth jams and 80’s action movie-filled nightmares. We don’t know what to think of it but we absolutely love it. It’s like a family reunion of the survivors of a colossal record fire or incomplete┬árecollection of some distant experience over a couple too many beers.

Adderall Canyonly is Wayne Longer of Portland, OR

Released on 100 cassettes w/ digital download

sold out


1. March Of the Lemmings, Right Out Of The Documentary
2. Retardtenders, Rectumheads
3. Kerpoodle
4. 100% Milk Toast
5. Magnum P.U.
6. 667
7. Driving Parker Posey To The Mall
8. It’s Summertime In The Swimming Pool
9. Hipster Cred
10. Krautaasquatsi
11. Oyster, Pork and Beer
12. Ponytailed Apes
13. Now Underwormen
14. Ty As Wrung From Burns The Cry