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FH008 Boron – Dececrresscenndo

RIYL: The James Brown of industrial washing machines

Decrresscenddo is the work of Boron, a one-member group new to Portland, Oregon that explores the mind-numbing waveforms of modular and non-modular analog synths. Recorded mostly on a modular Moog III-P that’s the size of a room – and one of only 4 operating in the world – Boron’s sonic glacier passes through one ear and out the other, wiping clean all impure thoughts. Boron’s member includes Dan Nelson, drummer, conceptual artist and creator of the McSweeney’s award-winning book All Known Metal Bands.

Boron is Dan Nelson of Oakland, CA

Released on 100 cassettes w/ digital download

sold out

1. Boron Theme
2. Party With A Human
3. Descent
4. Boron1
5. Boron3
6. Boron4
7. Boron5
8. Boron6
9. Boron7
10. Boron8
11. Boron10