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FH001 Chores – Public Hammock

chores, public hammock

RIYL: Post-consumer attitude, good times

Blending heart-on-sleeve honesty, pissed-off political rhetoric, and occasionally heady language, Chores’s first full-length album, The subtle politics of the Public Hammock, rocks hard and weird, infusing a uniquely arty sprawl with ramshackle energy that careens between genres while retaining the basic elements of rock, pop, and noise. The album hurdles like a pinball through 45 minutes of anger, whimsy, regret and joy.

Chores is Lou Thomas, Jada Pierce-Mellor, Eric Mellor, & Matthew White of Portland, OR

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1. Welcome to the Public Hammock
2. My Own Private Esperanto
3. Make the World Go Away
4. Super Car
5. New New Deal
6. Familiar Order
7. Rose
8. Touching Can Harm the Art
9. Noinsuranceland
10. Wine Buzz