Oxykitten – Parking Lot High Singapore Sling (RUS)

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Oddgrad – Treatment Go Finger (ESP)

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 Ste Pwri Tmod – Selected Works I Go Finger (ESP)

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Adderall Canyonly – Def Sister Sledge Go Finger (ESP)

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Tidlös – La Tormenta Go Finger (ESP)

Stockholm´s Andreas Hermansson aka Tidlös produces electronic music with a dubby twist, but his sources of inspiration lie in between noise, shoegaze and electronica.
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Kösmonaut/Adderall Canyonly Split

Kösmonaut/Adderall Canyonly Split Ethereal Mother Tapes (US)

Split between Kösmonaut and Adderall Canyonly on Ethereal Mother Tapes of Austin, TX. First three tracks on A-side are brand-new tracks from Kösmonaut, and the B-side is a behemoth organism propagated by Adderall Canyonly.

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mike coykendall, hello hello hello

Mike Coykendall – Hello Hello Hello

Mike Coykendall has put out over 15 albums of all original music since 1986. Starting with Kansas psych-trio Klyde Konnor through San Francisco’s Old Joe Clarks and their haunting Americana chamber music. Playing the majority of the instruments himself and recording it in his home studio on the off days between working with other artists such as M. Ward, Tin Hat Trio, Beth Orton, etc., this is is the work of an obsessed, hap-hazard, perfectionist at the end of his rope.


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Chores – Life is Hard

Chore’s first album is all-inclusive: with gang-style vocals via both testosterone and estrogen-laden chords, lyrics honed for your intellect, lots of guitars, and maybe just a little moxie,  Life Is Hard is perfect listening after a hard day at work.


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klyde konnor, hypnopottamus

Klyde Konnor – Hypnopotamus

Klyde Konnor is R.E.M meets Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd.  Midwest legends Klyde Konnor rocked all that was living, and then more. Featuring a younger Mike Coykendall & friends, this thick dose of Prairie-psych is a double album masterpiece.


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The Snowfields

…is cascading walls of droning slide and vintage synth that conjure up a soft and hazy 70’s sunset descending into horror and then perhaps redemption. Cinematic in nature, musically wide in breadth, The Snowfields is the sound of our twilight. The Snowfields is the project of current Adderall Canyonly members.


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