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FH004 Adderall Canyonly – Fists of Dayton!

fists of dayton

RIYL: 80’s action movie soundtracks, late night cable TV & Robotussin

Fists of Dayton! is the soundtrack from a 1983 action movie that never got made (think Bronson in a remake of THEY LIVE 2). Recorded with vintage synths and old broken drum machines via reel to reel, this music is a throwback to a much different and sadly brief cinematic world. Created with hints of Harold Faltermeyer and glued together with a hesher sensibility, this is an odd soundtrack indeed. This also is the inaugural release of a seminal Field Hymns player, Adderall Canyonly and a snapshot of moments to come.

Adderall Canyonly is Wayne Longer of Portland, OR

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1. Soldier Drunk With Anger
2. Why Do Angels Cry in the Night?
3. Pamphlet For A Godless Church
4. Tinkle Tinkle Little Keys, No one is Home
5. Not the End But the End of Naught
6. Conifers in the Copse
7. The Real Gold Country
8. Insane Cops Keep Calling Out You’re Dead
9. Wet Lips of Freedom