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FH005 Oxykitten – Toucht

oxykitten toucht

RIYL: Analog synth jams and peyote bubble gum

Oxykitten is not afraid to have some fun. The brainchild of Justin Case, the middle west mob-dance legend, Oxykitten is the collision of Morodor synths and a tongue firmly planted in a 21st century aesthetic. While the music elite are looking back with interest at minimal wave, Oxykitten is riding that sound into the future with Toucht, an album of lo-fi club tracks created by analog technology along with a pinch of drugs.

Recorded on a problematic reel to reel 4-track with some of the crappiest drum machines known to man, Toucht emerged full of glittering life and ready for a party. Rife with homages to French Minimal Wave and 70’s Library with a dash of modern sensibilities, Toucht, is an update of sound long vanished into the annuals of music history. If you ache for the innocent days when Molly Ringwald was the next big thing and lo-fi synth pop ruled the airwaves, Oxykitten will take you back with Toucht.

Oxykitten is Justin CaseĀ of Portland, OR

Released on 100 cassettes w/ digital download

sold out
1. Infinite Posse
2. Hey Human Cable
3. I Yell At You
4. I Agree That The Condiment Bar Is Always Fresh And Kicks Butt
5. Club Hausen
6. Did It Catch On Fire Again?
7. Hoodoo
8. Sandy Grizach
9. Mime Chic
10. That Goth Slut Ate My Happiness
11. Smokey, Burn-y
12.The Yoga Killer 1977