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FH024 Oxykitten – Octagonal Wax

octagonal wax, oxykitten, field hymns, cassette

RIYL: an American Yellow Magic Orchestra, interstitial analog beats, a knack for being on the western front of awesome

Like being caught in a shadow world where the lights of the cosmos are the dreams of a former child actor, forever caught in a low blaze of the dappled half-light of disco balls and jellied stage lights of her youth – now moist night club denizen sway in ecstatic unison as if all were caught in light undersea current as it wraps and writhes slowly around their forgotten bodies as the fever dreams reset and play again and againĀ  behind upward tilted and milky smiling eyes…

Octagonal Wax is analog synth-pop instrumentals from an indeterminate era & more lighthearted than dark, though sometime the despair nibbles around the edges…

Oxykitten is Justin Case of Portland, OR

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download card

sold out

1. 50 Times Higher Than Any Normal Man
2. Drowning Inside
3. I Got Your Digits In My Pocket Calculator
4. I’m Just Looking for the Price Tag
5. Meth, Hookers and Video Poker
6. Poor, Poor Gerald
7. Rat Priest
8. Sleigh Ride To the Border
9. This Weekend Seems Too Tiny
10. Un-huzzah
11. Warm Smell of Fajitas