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FH029 Bastian Void – Fluorescent Bells

bastain void, joe bastardo

bastian void, flourescent bells

RIYL: cosmic surf, old BBC documentaries, heavy synth

You know that feeling when you snap back to awareness and wonder where the last 47 minutes of your life has gone? Let us introduce our instrument of that erasure: Fluorescent Bells. Born during a year punctuated with frequent hospital visits, Bastion Void mined what glimmer of hope there was for the keys to coping. Within his sterile environment, overwhelmed with the sense of uncertainty inherent in long-term suffering, this work managed to assuage that crippling miasma with wonder, reverence, and a little bit of guile. Fluorescent Bells is the sound of coming to grips with mortality and beating Death back behind the curtain, if only for a little while.

Bastian Void is Joe Bastardo, also the founder of label Moss Archive.

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download card

sold out


1. Atrium
2. Rotating Wave Display
3. Respirit
4. Visitors
5. Fluorescent Bells
6. In Common Outlets
7. Greendale Mall Overpass