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FH030 Nodolby – Aftermath / Inception

nodolby, dokuro

nodolby, aftermath/inception, field hymns, cassette

RIYL: BBC Radiophonic Workshop, an expedition to the afterbirth of synthesis, the compression of space and time due to a fever dream.

As you may have noticed, we in the world of synth-based cassette music are awash in a tide of baby-faced analog synthers and teen arpeggiators, but we at Field Hymns are here to tell you that not all arpeggiators are created equal.¬† Inception showered over our monochromatic minds like a candy factory on the blink spewing Skittles. As the burbling, sputtering synth-sequencing, gleaming but with a little wear around the edges, plopped and plooked, our minds giggled with non-thoughts. When we flipped the cute lil’ orange striped C-40, we wandered a landscape of brown, haggard synth textures that is Aftermath to the point of exhaustion. We reached the end of all ideas, the shattering of histories, and the bottom of all champagne flutes, believing our Inception-induced hangover was terminal. Soon enough, though, Nodolby took our arm and glick-glacked us out of the stately, somber void with his jangling arpeggi and it was fucking joyous!

(Nodolby is Michele Scariot of Italy & runs the Dokuro imprint)

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download card

sold out


1. Aftermath
2. Inception