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FH033 Black Hat – Covalence

black hat, covalence, nelson bean, seattle

black hat, covalence, nelson bean

RIYL: Tim Hecker, Mouse on Mars, Loscil

The voices of futures past howl through PNG files of grass and waterfalls – thumping and thrumming, bumping and humming – but always subservient to the pulse. It’s a very pleasant factory where the tunes for imaginary holidays of post-Christian digital paganism are made: some static is playing dub on a radio in the background, mechanical insects flit about your head plucking harps from a laser bandstand and the air always smells of ozone. But the beat, the beat is what drives us through our toil – always the beat.

Black Hat is Nelson Bean of Seattle, Washington


Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download card

sold out


1. Ashe
2. Three Masks
3. Jaune
4. The Lattice And Cormorant
5. Arabesque
6. Singing Point