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FH036 Giant Claw – Impossible Chew

giant claw, keith rankin, impossible chew

RIYL: b-roll stinger music from the depths of heck, a video game induced panic attack

The sunrise dawns over an earlier Miami, black-purple turning to pink then to yellow-white as flamingos stretch and go about their morning, poking around the mangrove shoots and cattail stands. Girls in bikinis rollerblade around canals with pink Boll├ęs & headphones the size of shooting cans strapped across their tightly permed dull, bronze skulls, never seeing the massive figure coming from the river bottom, cold & dirty with a perverse lust his only sustenance. One by one they fall under his command and turn north into the city to feast on the innocent…

Giant Claw is Keith Rankin of Ohio


Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download card

sold out


1. Science Island
2. Latenight Mall Frenzy
3. Meal Brothers Theme
4. Mars Serene
5. Moonsick Pt I
6. Superpower Police Car
7. White Rain
8. Teen Nude
9. Dream Racer
10.Moonsick Pt II