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FH037 Lazercrotch – Gemini Air Systems

john murphy, lazercrotch, gemini air systems, skweee, cassette, field hymns

RIYL: dancing robot Prince clones, Flogsta Dancehall, chiptune sex tapes

Field Hymns’ first proper skweee release, Gemini Air Systems is a swanky sexpot in a velvet analog robe billowing funk like an angry love cyclone. Somewhere in the distance, in the swirling Upper Gamalongs, a return cry is heard, signaling the beginning of Round 2, a round not even close to the boss level. We cannot wait until the next installment of Lazercrotch vs. Field Hymns – what a sound that will be! Lazercrotch is also the owner of one of the America’s finest skweee labels Poisonous Gases.

Lazercrotch is John Murphy of Portland, OR

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download card

sold out


1. Wassup Dog Don’t It
2. Space Jizz
3. Boss Of Clubs
4. Get Up On It
5. Hot Lovin’
6. Ironic Hooker Park
7.  Neon Dude
8. Used Car