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FH041 Cane Swords – Temple Swords

cane swords

RIYL: Morton Subotnick, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Golden Retriever, Caboladies

Akron, Ohio synthesists Cane Swords return to ultra-terrestrial form with an analog odyssey of planetary drift and tindered timbre to fuel interstellar craft seeking deep space revelation. Washes of infinite blue light cool the jet stream as a profusion of electronic sounds wobble cosmic in long form meditations and bursts of sonic spasm. Like a soundtrack to a lost Painlevé film about the deepest riches of hyperdimensional scuba diving heard through beams of teslascope and fractured telegraph — Temple Swords elicits wonder in the true face of the infinite. Requisite listening for deep winter nights both in Sol system and abroad.

Cane Swords are Curt Brown and Karl Vorndran of Akron, OH

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download card

sold out

cane swords, temple swords


1. Temple Travel Thuggee
2. Telegraph One
I. Starfox Mulder
II. Rescue On, Fractalus!
III. Galactic Symmetry
3.  Telegraph Two
I. Voltage Control Gnosis
II. The Amalgamation of the Temple
4. Le Synchroniseur Luminescent