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FH044-046 Yves Malone – Three Movies: Abysscoteque, The ECHO People, Zenith City

RIYL: dark action soundtracks to 80’s movies, darkwave, synthwave, outrun

Treading in the realm of synth soundscape artists like Perturbator, Umberto, and Gianni Rossi, Yves Malone diverges, reveling in the scenes between scenes, the sketch of a little moment rather than the bombast of the crescendo or the extension of a final dance sequence spread out to club length. These three soundtracks are akin to an uncertain author’s scene-by-scene narrative, the shouts and whispers of an orator practiced in the arc of the tragic tale. While tangentially related to sub-genres like synthwave, dreamwave or outrun (with the analog technology and timbre of 1980’s technology), Malone, never the purist, colors his palate with splashes of minimalist drone and dark 80’s metal, the lesser told side of retro-synth gothicism. Originally released digitally in 2012, Field Hymns is pleased to offer these soundtracks in a limited edition, pro-dubbed three cassette set.

Yves Malone lives in Oakland, CA

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Digital only can be purchased here:

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