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FH051 Go No Go For Launch – Re-Entry

go no go for launch

RIYL: inspirational zinger music from the Live at 5 Action News Team

I first heard this album in 2006 when Randall Taylor (Graveyard Orbit) sent a demo to a label I was working for. I can honestly say that when this was rejected it planted the first seeds of Field Hymns in my mind – there had to be a place where music like this could exist AND be heard. Almost a decade later we are fully and totally stoked to right that injustice – one of our favorite albums ever and potentially one of yours.

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

sold out

go no fo for launch

1 Nasa Channel Party. My House, Be There!
2 Defragment My Harddrive
3 I Wanna Be McGuyver
4 Robocalypse
5 Lona Misa
6 Make It So (Kirk The Intergalactic Pimp)
7 Mo, Mike, & The Agro Crag
9 Minka Bink (The Chex Remix)