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FH055 The Snowfields – How To Get Good Sound From A Dead Ear

RIYL: postrock electronica with a whiff of 70’s Constellation aftershave 

The first Snowfields album in 7 years is a sublime affair, sounding like a missing album from Julian Cope’s Krautrock Sampler or Obscured By Clouds/More-era Pink Floyd hitting the Serengetti on a shit-ton of mushrooms for some hazy concert for no one, but getting lost on a beer run. Spacy, complentative instrumentals with big, gooey blobs of pathos.

The Snowfields is from Iowa City, IA

*orders come with a CD of the debut album at no extra charge

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

sold out


1. Daggerhead
2. Inner Peace Had Jass Hands
3. Aqwi
4. Diet Rainbow
5. Turn Me Over
6. Two Tone Emergency
7. Golden Twilight
8. Smitten With Blindness