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FH058 Three Fourths Tigers – Indoor Voice

RIYL: the cross-talk of the cerebral cortex whilst dreaming of childhood and just a little bit high

We are passing into dayglo psychedelic arcades and crystal spheres in the forest, though chrome silly string melting from the trees all over our forearms and faces as we ghost through a mist the vaguely the flavor of raspberry carbonated soda. Three Fourths Tigers is emotional synth and Indoor Voice only adds to the growing body of influential work by Ryan Mulhall, a founding member of the genre.

Ryan Mulhall (also of Looks Realistic and Ryan Kayhart) lives in Worcester, MA.

Limited edition of 75

sold out

Three Fourths Tiger Indoor voice

1 Indoor Voice 5:34
2 Line Connector 4:25
3 Windows Excel 5:20
4 Petrifloral 6:30
5 Rainbow Russ 2:53
6 Visitor Sphere 4:46
7 Other Landings 6:08
8 Ensphynx 7:51