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FH059 Spectrum Control – Hunters At Cyber Dawn

RIYL: Galaxie 500 w/ a drum machine, YLT with laryngitis on mushrooms, German bands you have never heard of but should have

PNW psych superstar Dewey Mahood (Plankton Wat, Eternal Tapestry, Edibles) is back with a slab of the darker side of psych-doom-dream-pop: let’s just call it twilight pop, shall we? Much shorter. Droning, sighing guitar & warm and crusty organ grind with the occasional pitter patter of little drum machine feet; you can practically feel the Coastal fog (and perhaps a some green fog) permeating these instrumental basement jams. Recommended for just about any activity except…oh fuck it – it’s perfect for every occasion.

Dewey Mahood lives in Portland, Oregon.

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

sold out

spectrum control, field hymns, hunters at cyber dawn

1 Hunters At Cyber Dawn
2 Vermillion Sands
3 Haleakala
4 Holographic Twin
5 Street Thunder
6 Parallel Worlds
7 Terry Coltrane
8 Total Recall
9 Insomnia
10 On The Shores Of Time