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FH060 Half A Decade of Chrome compilation

It’s a future best-of-best-of: 26 unreleased tracks by members of the Field Hymns family, available here for the first time. Who needs a collection of past hits? NOT US.

Bring us the future, man.

Five years ago I started this label on my birthday. Who would have thought it would all have ended up like this? Field Hymns has always been about the artists involved and I am forever thankful to those who decided against common sense to trust some internet label guy with their creative output. You guys are wonderful and really are the only reason we are still around.

So on that note, here’s the album we’ve been sweating over for almost a year – many hugs to all and hope you enjoy.

Limited edition of 100

sold out

half a decade of chrome

26 unreleased tracks from Field Hymns alumni in track order

Strategy – Synare King
Boron – Shangam
Ilkae – Staircase Bear
German Army – Two Thongs
White Glove – Never Forget
Portopia ’81 – Neonlight
Giant Claw – Brightest Fighter Car Music
Adderall Canyonly – I’m Over the Moon for Glue
Mike Coykendall – Jacked
Grapefruit – Trogon Cigas
Hammer of Hathor – Rhododendron
Cremator – Fans Are Slans
Black Unicorn – Departure and Flight
Brainchai – Rosmarin
Garth Steel Klippert – Peace
Chores – Live Without You
Andreas Brandal – Spirit Valve
PLVS VLTRA – Like Water Said J
Bastian Void- Observatory
Yves Malone – I Eat Your Face
Conrade Wedde – Boon Docks
nodolby – Action Pain Ting
Black Hat – Neerlands
Sad Horse – Trick Or Treat
Mattress – Heavy
Oxykitten – Attack of the Koala People