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FH063 Garde Forestier

RIYL: cassette loops, contemplation of the atrification of logic in seemingly intelligent systems, weed

Garde Forestier is vaguely sinister 80’s hold music a lunatic French guru turned into mediation loops. Or perhaps it’s a Casio workstation gone on the fritz but becoming sentient, all whilst dealing with the breakdown of its physical body and the unfairness of bothering with such a burden at such a momentous time. Maybe Garde Forestier really is a front for a Danish trio of nuns who built up these tracks in the brief moments free from the rigors of monastic life. Perhaps we are witnessing the first stirring of a post-vaporwave work unbound and unmoored from its stable of lockstep clone acolytes. Perhaps.

Garde Forestier is from Tours, FR

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

sold out

garde forestier

1 Give a hoot, Don’t pollute!
2 Je suis france si souvent
3 Je bois Tu bois trouble
4 Fitou 1
5 Urbain Rurbain
6 Drogue sous autoroute
7 Fitou 2
8 Tempete99 (traumatisme)