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FH066 Manville Heights

RIYL: coy liaisons with fine Japanese electronic instruments, tomorrow’s sad-funk

Can machines develop sadness? Regret? Does the keyboard grazing of one’s fingertips over the years accumulate feelings and longings in these electronic tools, both so invisible to us in our waking human lives? Are we responsible for the emotional care and feeding of these electronic servants? What was staring back at you from that illuminated screen you spent so many hours, weeks, and months in front of, a screen you always assumed beheld a one-way conversation? You were correct in one sense but wholly blind to the greater mystery, unaware it was you who was watched. A sad attraction, forever trapped behind glass, a perpetually unrequited love and you never knew.

Manville Heights is Yu & Mi

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

sold out




1 Whispers
2 Buddy Graavy
3 Air Bear
4 Red Caps
5 Felon the Love
6 Theme Propaganda
7 Sexual Tension Sans VCR
8 B12