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FH068 Paco Sala – The Silent Season

paco sala, the silent season

RIYL: the sound of 4am on a feedback loop into the corpus callosum and spiced with heavy sedatives

The drugs bring the grey, the gray dulls the pain, the pain echoes off a distant ridge somewhere right below your thigh, a nebulous thing that feeds whether you are asleep or awake, night and day. You can hear the swelling, the pulse, the proof that all is not what it used to be. There is a new neighbor from a distant zipcode and if you could just shut the window everything will be better. But the window is gray, now red, now grey, now red, and you cannot get to it. It recedes as you push through towards that evil, dull ache, never coming an inch closer. You sit and fight with yourself, day after day – a stalemate you fear will only end poorly, if ever. And it’s the worst thing you can possibly imagine.

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

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1.Goldie (interlude) 5:26
2.The Imperial Ton 2:28
3.Hoisin 2:27
4.Trooper (Silent Season Edit) 2:44
5.JP-8000 Workout nmbr 1 4:01
6.California 3:12
7.Su-Pont 4:01
8.MS2000R workout nmbr 1 2:53
9.MS2000R workout nmbr 2 7:14
10.MS10 workout 5:31
11.Your House 1:19