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FH069 Curved Light – Vast And Infinite

RIYL: the first glimpse at the sound of the motherucking future yo

Expansive, psychedelic, fourth world: these all describe the particular creative resonance that is Curved Light. Vast and Infinite is culled from four years of thinking about (and creating the sonic landscape around) such principles, resulting in the stellar sequence of compositions within. These modular synth and guitar creations, un-tethered to any sort of beat save their internal gravity and structure, showcase the degree to which exceptional sound design can become just as expressive, moving, and symphonic as terrestrial composition.

Curved Light is the solo project of Peter Tran: with a record also dropping soon on Austin’s Holodeck Records, he’s sure to blow up fast.

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

sold out


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A1 DZS 4:03
A2 Indecision 4:02
A3 Des Regen 4:04
A4 Liminal 4:12
B1 Hyperreal 5:25
B2 Disillusioned 2:08
B3 Retrofit 3:05
B4 Blissed (Last Moment In The Sun) 4:20