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FH072 Lips and Ribs – Males In Harmony

RIYL: midi prog, whipping dildos, cream-based marching orders

Fifteen virgins with soft, vacuum cleaner-like appendages wave through the bars of your cage, celebrating and venerating your vitality while wishing you continued stamina. Match time is close and the acrid, burned notes of scorched gladiators waft over the pen the master keeps you in pre-trial. Ever since the Dav5 match, your left upper skeletal tendril has been a little slow but all things considered, as long as you can keep a direct strike from your upper carapace, you’ll win today and yet another empty shell will be tossed on the smoking battery and wire pile of your vanquished foes. Fighting the Maasbots is fighting for survival in just another way – what else could you have done? Blo-bits accounting? Off-world sevs and gevs? Never. This is pure life at its finest – ugly, bloody, and immediate. The bell squawks, the door rattles up, and the crowd roars with hunger. Fuck yeah.

Lips and Ribs is Jay Winebrenner of Portland, Oregon.

Limited edition of 80 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

sold out

Order comes with immediate mp3 download


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