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RIYL: Cluster, This Heat, mega dub.
Berlin-based COPS score the pathos of a world where the hero walks away (into the sunset/alley/drives), forever alone. Movies are not like real life kids: the girl gets old and disinterested, the loose alliance of surviving soldiers become soft and arrogant, forgetting the struggle that aligned their common interests. Then, one by one, they turn on each another, fraying and snapping those bonds while the arch enemy grows quietly stronger in the darkness. But while we remember the good times (the perpetual twilight of the setting sun around the rubble of the vanquished) there is always that nagging and tugging at the back of our consciousness – that there is something we have forgotten to attend to, that something is unfinished. The darkness that gnaws at the back of your sleeping life, knows this, and is gleeful that you do not, as it grows unattended and un-apprehended in cancerous masses throughout the ether. This new event, this dark world about to dawn upon the complacent, is all on you – you let it happen.

COPS are from Berlin, Germany

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1. Gull 3:24
2. Loom 4:55
3. Human Office 4:33
4. The Crack-up 4:02
5. Austerity Measures 10:39
6. Patrol Car 3:17
7. Sealed Leak 4:38