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FH075 Megabreth – Ultra High Noise

RIYL: Oneida, Trans Am, a less harsh Noxagt, a very harsh Grateful Dead
Instruments: fuzz bass, drums, Moog, broken Farfisa, strong IPA
Location: Pacific Northwest
Vibe: brothy

Thus concludes the principle data needed to place within context the band MEGABRETH. The intangibles include but are not limited to: stints in punk as well as Americana bands, lives lived in both red and blue states, a strong aversion towards the wealthy and a deep appreciation of knowledge and pursuit thereof, crippling doubt of the possibility of a just society, a well-reasoned and finely honed sense of fuckall, many hours talking music and many fewer hours practicing music, a sound-proof yet not mold-proof garage, senses of humor befitting male teenagers, and too many disappointments to count.

sold out

Order comes with immediate mp3 download

1 Ride’em All, Kill the Lightning 2:18
2 ESG Song 4:47
3 Butterfly with Mullet Wings 2:55
4 Crazy Talk 5:45
5 Terms of Total Recall 2:28
6 Spacefist 3:33
7 Death is the Mother of All Beauty 4:19
8 Bladrunner II 3:45
9 Steve Equals Bad Dad 0:19
10 Light My Wire 2:31
11 In the Mouth of the Realm 6:14
12 We Can Get Food 1:00