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FH076 Ancient Ocean – Neró: A Collection of Works 2010-2016

RIYL: Brian Eno, Harold Budd, fourth world ambience

Brooklyn’s Ancient Ocean has long occupied a unique & sublime tonal intersection of cosmic ambience and earthly heft, a line hard for most to straddle, much less with such success. On his latest for Field Hymns, John Bohannon’s instrumental soundscapes illuminate a curious mind at work: by keeping these tracks in their mostly skeletal form, they provide a lens into his process from the ground up and deliver a nuanced minimalist program of an artist at the top of his game.

John Bohannon is from Brooklyn, NY

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1.The Weight of Rising Seas 08:24
2.Matrix III 02:24
3.Benthic Life 04:34
4.Drazina’s Expedition 09:39
5.Mellow Glow 05:35