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FH079 Lips and Ribs – Battle For Nagoya

The pounding of war drums never felt so warm, glamorous, and oddly enough, orange. By the time we reached Level Four to face the big boss, the team had stripped their DayGlo Body Glove war suits in favor of leather boxers and multi-scale camouflage torso paint, and blended in perfectly between the decay of the large appliance salvage yard and the borderlands of the forest. As the first salvo rained down upon us from on high, Team Leader Count Lips discharged a paint cannon, occluding a great deal of the large robots single eye, allowing us to quickly slip between its legs unchallenged and attack from the rear with our grenades and electro-pulse charges. With the last obstacle behind us, we finally lay sight upon our ancestral homeland, unseen by most of our team, green and verdant, stretching to the horizon behind the big boss like a undulating turquoise sea. Wordlessly charging in unison towards our destiny and perhaps glorious death, we feel the future on our faces like warm rain and the tides of history behind us, filling our footsteps with dark stars.

Lips and Ribs is Jay Winebrenner of Portland, Oregon USA

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1. Battle in Nagoya 1:16
2. Alpha Male War 2:18
3. Into Your Uniform 1:55
4. Woman Walking 2:04
5. Ending in Amiens 1:22
6. Oranienstrasse 1:56
7. Weep for Me 1:53
8. Hilltop with Mother 3:17
9. Celebrate 1:04
10. Woman is Here 2:39
11. V-Dance 1:38
12. Go Ethnic! 1:37
13. Down Wedding 1:48
14. Hands 3:09
15. Legs Part 1:39
16. Beginning in Budapest 2:00