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FH080 Oxykitten – Attack of the Koala People


Motorized bubbles hang-ten in a sky polluted with spun sugar and wisps of pollinated flame as we whisk over grasses made seemingly of whipped Styrofoam and sex gel: apple from the smell. We have a mission to kill the wasp queen and everyone’s on board, no matter of life or limb, rainshine or sundown. Though we keep stopping at these delightful little fruit stands along the away, for after all, it is a nice morning. Honestly, we could probably kill her tomorrow, no? Right? It’s so pleasant here and wasps are not really known for picking up hives and moving overnight. Should we get some more fruit? Fuck it. MEN! Disembark, roll out the hammocks, maneuvers have been cancelled or whatever for the day. Well maybe tomorrow too. Let’s deal with it tomorrow! Today we bask in the glory of this beautiful, pink and blue, great big mother-fucking day.


1. Sex Allowance Syndicate 4:00
2. Attack of the Koala People 3:43
3. Kimsuylder 4:21
4. Titanium Pachyderm 3:49
5. Bobby Pin Blues 6:23
6. Hamster Wheelin’ 5:32
7. Toad Prince 5:26
8. Space Biscuit 6:54