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FH006 Garth Steel Klippert – Music For Taxicabs

garth steel kippert,music for taxicabs

RIYL: creaky gun shoes, ranting, dirty sax

This album was recorded over the course of three years by a cab driver living in a San Francisco office building. Rife with audio collage, dirty saxophone, cheap organ and a dash of lunacy, Music For Taxicabs is truly a lost legend.

Between 1997 and 2000, Garth Klippert lived in a 10′ x 10′ office at 1005 Market St., Ste. 309, San Francisco. ┬áDuring that time, Klippert worked nights as a cab driver, spending his days making art and recording music with two flea-market microphones on a Tascam 424 and a Macintosh Quadra. Inspired by Brian Eno’s watershed album, “Music For Airports,” Klippert experimented with unusual recording techniques to produce layered assemblages of sound. In direct opposition to Eno’s objective, public art approach, however, Klippert instead drew upon recordings he made surreptitiously while driving the cab; creating a subjective, narrative portrait of his state of mind.

Garth Steel Klippert lives in Portland, OR

Released on 100 cassettes w/ digital download

sold out


1. Port of Entry (A Boy Was Born)
2. Creaky Gun Shoes Pt.1
3. Creaky Gun Shoes Pt.2
4. One Walk
5. Howl, My Favorite Sound
6. The Murko
7. Purge 6
8. Point of Exit