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FH016 Mattress – Lonely Souls

mattress. lonely souls

RIYL: Elvis as doomsday prophet

The Machine is ragged and greasy as it plunges through a hellish night thick with angst and sin. The Cadillac roars towards the dawn, gritty and loose, pushing the moist, dense air aside like a dirty curtain yet the sun never rises and we keep circling, circling, somewhere, in wide long ellipses through the night – the speakers shudder as the bass throbs and oily synth stabs and all we can hear after hours and hours of this music – like a cross between Suicide and Cotton Mather – is that your salvation is nonexistent and that you will be alone, like everyone else.

Mattress is Rex Marshall of Portland, OR

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download

sold out


1. Done All My Time
2. Forget My Name
3. Lied Again
4. Dead Ends
5. Shake Me
6. Only Lonely Souls