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Welcome to Field Hymns 4-pack of wonder & mayhem

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A stellar deal on the last four titles we have in stock! Maybe “you the listener” are new to us? Maybe a dear friend/lover/relative/stranger needs to be graced with the stinging chrome bombast of our Field Hymns frequency spectrum? Maybe you have $16 in your pocket just ITCHING to escape? We will gladly take it in return for the fine product you see here. Only 16 of these packages exist so act now whilst the iron is hot and you are THE first in line. Each tape comes with download code enclosed (for the non-cassette times in one’s life- shocking to think about, I know).

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Adderall Canyonly – We Are Everywhere At Once

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Beautiful cd packaging in high quality eco-wallet, released on Debacle Records. Comes with download code and a random patch. Why? Just because.
Download included upon purchase.

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The Snowfields s/t

“Cascading walls of droning slide and vintage synths drive these instrumentals into a soft and hazy 70’s sunset. Cinematic in nature, musically wide in breadth, The Snowfields is the sound of your twilight.”
The Snowfields comes in a re-housed 5.25″ floppy disc with a profesh duped cd with more plastic than you can shake a stick at.
Download included upon purchase.

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