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FH020 Susurrus

susurrus, field hymns, cassette

RIYL: Drone with a capital D, headphones

Susurrus filters through the cracks of the city buildings and blocks broken only by the sharp, static pangs of decay – chaos begets order which begets chaos again – this is the root of all languages and is audible and accessible to all who have the patience to stop and listen…

Susurrus is a 31 minute piece in two parts, composed of feedback, ground-loops and other various unintended ephemera endemic to electronic instruments and the recording process. Taken singly these defects are purposefully avoided but when joined a remarkable synthesis can sometimes be observed. From an almost imperceptible beginning it rises in complexity until electrical arcs are almost visible…

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted cassettes w/ download card

sold out

1 Mvt. 1
2 Mvt. 2