FH067 Yves Malone – Death House 4


RIYL: grimy VHS terror, dead malls at dusk, analog soundtrack horror 

Mr. Malone is back with portents of dark times indeed: some people live sunny lives of vapid clarity and hopeful posi vibes and then there is the rest of us. This album is for the latter person, so say we all. Sometimes sounding like the middle section of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother Suite, other times like ecstatic devotional hymnals to a faded saint of total destruction, this cassette will certainly crush all hope of a new day into rubble. Death House 4 is the dusty, terribly fraught, and horrified soundtrack to the dark future that is rapidly approaching us. God help us all.

Yves Malone lives in Oakland, CA.

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

Price: $7.00



1 Golden Riders At A Nuclear Dawn
2 Buffalo Cheek Carrier Wave
3 On the Edge
4 Zed1
5 Abysmal Hymnal
6 Euclid Base Level

FH064 Yves Malone – Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life


RIYL: synthsual soundtracks, work daydreams of  grandeur and danger, VHS appetizers

Yves Malone is back with a 28 minute, four song EP for our International Cassette Store Day release of 2016. Dialing down the abject horror of previous programs, he nonetheless manages to find that balance between idle dread and victorious exultation, an idiosyncratic current that binds his catalog together. These tracks, abandoned from a nebulous video game scoring project, have been reworked and refined into something resembling a krautrock jam on the eve of a massive tumultuous downturn…

Yves Malone lives in Oakland, CA.

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

Price: $6.00



1. Buggy Lovin
2. Testy
3. Piping the Dreams Away
4. Extortion of the Heart


FH044-046 Yves Malone – Three Movies: Abysscoteque, The ECHO People, Zenith City


RIYL: dark action soundtracks to 80’s movies, darkwave, synthwave, outrun

Treading in the realm of synth soundscape artists like Perturbator, Umberto, and Gianni Rossi, Yves Malone diverges, reveling in the scenes between scenes, the sketch of a little moment rather than the bombast of the crescendo or the extension of a final dance sequence spread out to club length. These three soundtracks are akin to an uncertain author’s scene-by-scene narrative, the shouts and whispers of an orator practiced in the arc of the tragic tale. While tangentially related to sub-genres like synthwave, dreamwave or outrun (with the analog technology and timbre of 1980’s technology), Malone, never the purist, colors his palate with splashes of minimalist drone and dark 80’s metal, the lesser told side of retro-synth gothicism. Originally released digitally in 2012, Field Hymns is pleased to offer these soundtracks in a limited edition, pro-dubbed three cassette set.

Yves Malone lives in Oakland, CA


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Digital only can be purchased here: yvesmalone.bandcamp.com