FH062 Kane Pour – Vision Crayon

kane pour vision crayon

RIYL: video game soundtracks from weather.com, audio taffy, Swedish fish + QVC

We’ve had a mad bee up our bonnets for this feller since hearing Kane Pour’s previous release & are stoked as hell to drop this smooth acid candy into the world. Like Yellow Magic Orchestra scoring a new installment of The Legend of Zelda set in coastal yet swanky Hyrule, Vision Crayon is a study of bubblegum tension and confetti release and a big fuck-yeah to being alive.

Kane Pour is from Florida

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

sold out

1 Paprika
2 Coral Canyon
3 Flying Moss
4 Cygnus Ephemeral
5 Lament of Listening
6 Crimson Pendulum
7 Mayapples’s Dream

FH061 Urthsla – Wannsee

wannsee, urthsla, field hymns, cassette

RIYL: Six Organs of Admittance, Flying Saucer Attack, the sweet kiss of familial termites on your cerebral cortex pretending to behave

The welcome balm of Urthsla, a sweet musical utterance whispered to a young love, a gentle squall of devotional drone: and suddenly we are helpless in the pull, the tug, the sweet embrace of a memory of a spectacular summer day and escaping the heat by crouching by, and then laying under, a giant oak for respite while the day-heavy birds perfunctorily go about their business above, seemingly just as little motivated as we are lying side by side. As the long day lessens and shadows grow taller around our makeshift altar and the first hints of the sea’s breath comes pushing along, ushered up the small valley by cooling wind we unwind, stretch and now limber and fresh, head back toward the west to everything we still have left to do and everyone we miss. And it was good.

Artem Bezukladnikov lives in Berlin, Germany

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

sold out

1. Häusliche Gefallen
2. Wannsee (Havel)

FH059 Spectrum Control – Hunters At Cyber Dawn

spectrum control, field hymns, hunters at cyber dawn

RIYL: Galaxie 500 w/ a drum machine, YLT with laryngitis on mushrooms, German bands you have never heard of but should have

PNW psych superstar Dewey Mahood (Plankton Wat, Eternal Tapestry, Edibles) is back with a slab of the darker side of psych-doom-dream-pop: let’s just call it twilight pop, shall we? Much shorter. Droning, sighing guitar & warm and crusty organ grind with the occasional pitter patter of little drum machine feet; you can practically feel the Coastal fog (and perhaps a some green fog) permeating these instrumental basement jams. Recommended for just about any activity except…oh fuck it – it’s perfect for every occasion.

Dewey Mahood lives in Portland, Oregon.

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

sold out

1 Hunters At Cyber Dawn
2 Vermillion Sands
3 Haleakala
4 Holographic Twin
5 Street Thunder
6 Parallel Worlds
7 Terry Coltrane
8 Total Recall
9 Insomnia
10 On The Shores Of Time

FH060 Half A Decade of Chrome compilation

half a decade of chrome

It’s a future best-of-best-of: 26 unreleased tracks by members of the Field Hymns family, available here for the first time. Who needs a collection of past hits? NOT US.
Bring us the future, man.

Five years ago I started this label on my birthday. Who would have thought it would all have ended up like this? Field Hymns has always been about the artists involved and I am forever thankful to those who decided against common sense to trust some internet label guy with their creative output. You guys are wonderful and really are the only reason we are still around.

So on that note, here’s the album we’ve been sweating over for almost a year – many hugs to all and hope you enjoy.

Limited edition of 100

sold out

26 unreleased tracks from Field Hymns alumni in track order

Strategy – Synare King
Boron – Shangam
Ilkae – Staircase Bear
German Army – Two Thongs
White Glove – Never Forget
Portopia ’81 – Neonlight
Giant Claw – Brightest Fighter Car Music
Adderall Canyonly – I’m Over the Moon for Glue
Mike Coykendall – Jacked
Grapefruit – Trogon Cigas
Hammer of Hathor – Rhododendron
Cremator – Fans Are Slans
Black Unicorn – Departure and Flight
Brainchai – Rosmarin
Garth Steel Klippert – Peace
Chores – Live Without You
Andreas Brandal – Spirit Valve
PLVS VLTRA – Like Water Said J
Bastian Void- Observatory
Yves Malone – I Eat Your Face
Conrade Wedde – Boon Docks
nodolby – Action Pain Ting
Black Hat – Neerlands
Sad Horse – Trick Or Treat
Mattress – Heavy
Oxykitten – Attack of the Koala People


FH057 Andreas Brandal – Murmurs and Echoes

Andreas Brandal Murmurs and Whispers

RIYL: late-era Talk Talk jamming with Calexico, the unfulfilled life that flickers on the eyelids at night

Weary, cold, and alone but not dead, we soldier on under the half-light to some place on the horizon, anyplace really, as the sky and ground remain unbroken, seemingly forever. It has been a real pleasure watching Andreas Brandal evolve from his early roots in experimental noise & drone to this current incarnation as a post-indie/post-rock chamber orchestra Hemingway: Murmurs and Echoes sounds like a Western set on an ice field at the nadir of winter.

Andreas Brandal lives in Bergen, Norway.

limited edition of 75

sold out


1. Restoring Darkness
2. The Factories Divine
3. Undertone of Rivers
4. Within Ashes and Filth
5. The Day Erased
6. The Burial Clouds
7. A New Moon
8. Murmurs and Echoes

FH058 Three Fourths Tigers – Indoor Voice

Three Fourths Tiger Indoor voice

RIYL: the cross-talk of the cerebral cortex whilst dreaming of childhood and just a little bit high

We are passing into dayglo psychedelic arcades and crystal spheres in the forest, though chrome silly string melting from the trees all over our forearms and faces as we ghost through a mist the vaguely the flavor of raspberry carbonated soda. Three Fourths Tigers is emotional synth and Indoor Voice only adds to the growing body of influential work by Ryan Mulhall, a founding member of the genre.

Ryan Mulhall (also of Looks Realistic and Ryan Kayhart) lives in Worcester, MA.

Limited edition of 75

sold out

1 Indoor Voice 5:34
2 Line Connector 4:25
3 Windows Excel 5:20
4 Petrifloral 6:30
5 Rainbow Russ 2:53
6 Visitor Sphere 4:46
7 Other Landings 6:08
8 Ensphynx 7:51


FH056 Ak’chamel The Giver of Illness – The Man Who Drank God


RIYL: generally friendly cult acolytes, Popul Vuh heard through a shortwave radio 

A local Cthulhu cult, maybe American Southwest. Their campfires are dim against the black, pinprick sky, the void which their voices yearn to command, yet also from which their greatest fears come: the only thing worse than being ignored, conversely, is being heard. As their scrap instruments beat out tattoos, ever so faintly something shifts in the blackness, relaxes, and then resumes its slumber. But not for very much longer. The crack, once it begins, can only lead to release.

Ak’chamel the Giver of Illness is from somewhere in Texas

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download

sold out


1 I Take Nothing
2 Rainmaking
3 Song Of Serpents
4 Kume Piuke
5 The Curse Of Illness
6 Creation
7 Jaguar And The Basket
8 Nam Nogwaw
9 Drink This, My Son
10 Hungry Ghosts
11 Tlaloc, Ful Of Sores
12 Alone In Death