Field Hymns 3-Pack super deal

Let’s clean up the shelves, shall we? We have limited numbers of our Yves Malone Cassette Store Day 2016 release Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, the Manville Heights s/t, and Yves Malone’s Death House 4. Get these three tapes for $16 shipped (US only please). Offer is good until we are out!

Price: $16.00


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FH069 Curved Light – Vast And Infinite

curved light vast and infinite

Expansive, psychedelic, fourth world: these all describe the particular creative resonance that is Curved Light. Vast and Infinite is culled from four years of thinking about (and creating the sonic landscape around) such principles, resulting in the stellar sequence of compositions within. These modular synth and guitar creations, un-tethered to any sort of beat save their internal gravity and structure, showcase the degree to which exceptional sound design can become just as expressive, moving, and symphonic as terrestrial composition.

Curved Light is the solo project of Peter Tran: with a record also dropping soon on Austin’s Holodeck Records, he’s sure to blow up fast.

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

Price: $7.00


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A1 DZS 4:03
A2 Indecision 4:02
A3 Des Regen 4:04
A4 Liminal 4:12
B1 Hyperreal 5:25
B2 Disillusioned 2:08
B3 Retrofit 3:05
B4 Blissed (Last Moment In The Sun) 4:20

paco sala, the silent season

FH068 Paco Sala – The Silent Season

paco sala the silent season

The Silent Season is a co-release with Denovali – cribbing their press directly here…

“The Silent Season is the net result of a full tibiofemoral dislocation, a lot of surgery, a lot of really heavy drugs, a seemingly open-ended period of housebound isolation & a subsequent hazy regression to roots and influences. The Silent Season is a fever-dream, embodying the period of physical stasis & marking a shift from the outsider pop structures of previous releases. Here instead the duo employ delirious, morphing synth structures intertwined with semi-lucid samples and haunting vocals. All tracks were recorded in improvised sessions over the course of January 2016, before being shared for finishing touches in Berlin. Tracks are presented inclusive of the players’ errors, recording mistakes & creative decisions made without reference to consequence.”

“fragmented, distorted pop music, and its melted concoction of influences – from 80s no-wave to contemporary R&B – is transformed into an inebriated haze of synthesizer and vocals” – FACT

“While without doubt deeply rooted in drone and forward-thinking experimental, kosmische-informed synth music, what we have before us as a result are some of the most beautiful and honest pop music we’ve come across this year.”
– No Fear Of Pop

Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

Price: $7.00


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1.Goldie (interlude) 5:26
2.The Imperial Ton 2:28
3.Hoisin 2:27
4.Trooper (Silent Season Edit) 2:44
5.JP-8000 Workout nmbr 1 4:01
6.California 3:12
7.Su-Pont 4:01
8.MS2000R workout nmbr 1 2:53
9.MS2000R workout nmbr 2 7:14
10.MS10 workout 5:31
11.Your House 1:19

2016 In Review

2016 (from a cassette standpoint) was an excellent year for Field Hymns – we are super proud of the quality of music we put out and are honored to have been able to do so. Thanks for all the support and we will see you in 2017, if there is a 2017.

FH067 Yves Malone – Death House 4


RIYL: grimy VHS terror, dead malls at dusk, analog soundtrack horror 

Mr. Malone is back with portents of dark times indeed: some people live sunny lives of vapid clarity and hopeful posi vibes and then there is the rest of us. This album is for the latter person, so say we all. Sometimes sounding like the middle section of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother Suite, other times like ecstatic devotional hymnals to a faded saint of total destruction, this cassette will certainly crush all hope of a new day into rubble. Death House 4 is the dusty, terribly fraught, and horrified soundtrack to the dark future that is rapidly approaching us. God help us all.

Yves Malone lives in Oakland, CA.

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

Price: $7.00



1 Golden Riders At A Nuclear Dawn
2 Buffalo Cheek Carrier Wave
3 On the Edge
4 Zed1
5 Abysmal Hymnal
6 Euclid Base Level

FH066 Manville Heights


RIYL: coy liaisons with fine Japanese electronic instruments, tomorrow’s sad-funk

Can machines develop sadness? Regret? Does the keyboard grazing of one’s fingertips over the years accumulate feelings and longings in these electronic tools, both so invisible to us in our waking human lives? Are we responsible for the emotional care and feeding of these electronic servants? What was staring back at you from that illuminated screen you spent so many hours, weeks, and months in front of, a screen you always assumed beheld a one-way conversation? You were correct in one sense but wholly blind to the greater mystery, unaware it was you who was watched. A sad attraction, forever trapped behind glass, a perpetually unrequited love and you never knew.

Manville Heights is Yu & Mi

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

Price: $7.00



1 Whispers
2 Buddy Graavy
3 Air Bear
4 Red Caps
5 Felon the Love
6 Theme Propaganda
7 Sexual Tension Sans VCR
8 B12

FH065 Snakes of Pennsylvania


RIYL: The Album Leaf, early Sebadoh, cassette 4-tracking during the dead hours of a psychotropic day

Meeting in art school and eventually living in fabled Tarantula House in the high hills of Pittsburgh, the duo cut their teeth during countless sessions of cheap beer, cough syrup-induced drum and six-string sonic seances. With that spirit serving as fodder, this sound became a mode of transport with a dedication to keep the space-time portal open at all times. Field Hymns is proud to introduce the Snakes of Pennsylvania. Please enjoy the ride.

Snakes of Pennsylvania is Thad Kellstadt and Kevin Molloy

Limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ download card

sold out




1. Bleeding Ceremony
2. Kolbojnik
3. Catalogue
4. Timetravel Try-outs
5. The Shorning Song
6. Instrumental One
7. The Human
8. Attack of Lyme
9. Taking Out The Fat
10. Mayatol